BRT Summer Performance 2018/08/10

This is the final performance, "The Cypher of the Lost Gods" (password sot-2), in my summer class at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre. I played a judge trying to calm down the Gods of the Olympiad. I encourage you to watch the whole play, but for the impatient, the highlight of my performance is between 17:10 to 21:45.

I made a lot of friends and continue to meet them on the monthly Teen Nights.

Fahrenheit 451

This is me performing a scene I wrote from Fahrenheit 451 in which the main character, Montag, performs a monologue to his supervisor and wife. I really enjoyed being able to put myself in the shoes of Montag, both during writing and while performing the scene.

King Richard III

In this performance of King Richard III at Calshakes, I was cast as the titular character, King Richard. This was a performance of the final scene of the play, a duel between King Richard and Richmond. Although I had wanted to be Richmond, the "good guy" it was still fun to get to play the evil character.