Acyclic Colorings of Planar Graphs

This is a presentation I did on bounding the number of ways to acyclically color a planar graph. It was the final paper in a Graph Theory class in the Fall of 2018.

Fibonacci Numbers and Primes

This is a presentation I did with a classmate regarding patterns analyzing the Fibonacci Numbers mod various primes.

Teaching AMC-12

I am one of the volunteers for the Youth Euclid Association (YEA) that teach math to fellow students. This is a video of me teaching some AMC-12 problems.

Paths on Finite Graphs

This is a presentation I did back in 2015 on finding paths on finite graphs. It was the result of a collaboration with another classmate for the school's annual Math Burst.

Mandelbrot Competition


Mandelbrot Problem Writing

In 9th grade I had the chance to take a problem writing course from Sam Vandervelde. In the end we even got to write some problems that were on the Mandelbrot Competition that he runs.

Problems 2 and 3 were selected to be on the test.

Here are the problems I wrote.

Here are the solutions.



Expii Interview

Cool interview I did with Expii after managing to become a top scorer!