Sharing cool things I like to do

I am a junior at Proof School in San Francisco, a school for kids who love math. 

This is a site where I share my interests.


A Momotani Square Twist tessellation

I've folded origami since I was six years old, but only recently have I started getting into the more mathematical aspects of origami. See what tessellations I've been folding.



Find out about all the interesting mathematics I've been doing recently!

String Art


Find out about the various string art installation projects I've undertaken and what I've learned from them.


A snapshot of community volunteering at Walnut Creek, CA to introduce Karate to young kids.

Karate has taught me a lot, both physically and as a person. It's a wonderful experience to finally be good enough to help younger students.



I've always enjoyed acting as a kid, from Christmas performances at church to a summer camp at Cal Shakes.  In the summer of 2018, I took an intensive class at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre.


Member of the Bay Area Junior Pool League, at Edgies Billiards in Milpitas, CA.

I first started playing billiards after I found out my school had a billiard table. I've learned so much more about pool than I thought I would.